Our Journey

Ever since we saw Clark Kent and his powers onscreen, we wanted to be Superman. After all, who wouldn’t aspire to a few superpowers? Crazy as it may seem, the childhood dream didn’t fade. In fact, the bug only got worse with time. So, as soon as life allowed, we gathered our wits and started out to explore the possibilities. It was in the depths of the ocean, one with the water, that we discovered ourselves and realised we could fly and breathe at the same time. The tranquillity was breath-taking, the peace unprecedented. When we surfaced, we had one-upped Superman and that’s how Flying Fish was born! In the years since, we have made it a point to help fellow dreamers dive into the magical depths of the sea and discover a whole new Universe. For, we guess, few know better than us what it is to dream and have it come true! We can talk about it all we want, but all said and done, nothing would beat, experiencing first-hand, the extraordinary feelings that diving offers. So, come, take the plunge with us. We will teach you all we know and you can go on to be the next mermaid or Aquaman, because sorry, Superman is already taken!

Come Along…

Now that we have found our place in the underwater world, we want to share it with you!
At Flying Fish, your safety and comfort precede all else. When you dive with us, you are in safe hands, always. You will be using state-of-the art, well-maintained scuba gear and receiving ample training in the pool till we are sure we can take you to sea. The instructors you will dive with happily spend more of their day under water than above it and are great dive buddies.
The waters of the Arabian Sea at the dive sites off Grande Island are warm and comfortable with the average temperature hovering around 25°C. The visibility ranges between 2-10 metres and offers plenty to explore ranging from a shipwreck dating back to 1950s, coral reefs, schools of fishes, dolphins, eels, the occasional turtle, etc.
So, jump in, for the sea awaits and don’t let fear keep you from a life-changing experience!


We had a awesome experience! Deep see diving watching live fishes with the best divers along. We get confidence only because of the instructors, they are with us throughout the diving period. This is the best memorable event in our Goa trip.

Kavitha Br

Thank you flying fish for the awesome experience. Thanks to Shubham and Niranjan for making my first dive experience great. They were thorough professionals and trained us really well before the dive.

Amirthha Krishnamachaari

informative, safe and ultimately fun for me. It was my first dive and indeed is wonderful experience. Amithab Gautam and dying fish dive centre will be soon visiting you guys for my dive course. 1

Pravinkumar Faldessai

Our highly experienced Diving Team sets us apart from all other diving centers.


Whether you’re a beginner, experienced or an expert, we’ve got all sorts of diving courses.