SSI Scuba Diver

This is one of the most loved Scuba courses that we have! You begin by getting trained by our experts in pool and then take the training to deep sea- under the expert supervision and watchful eyes of our instructors. In this 40-minute dive, you will go 40 feet under water to witness magnificent marine life and underwater marvels. Dedicated 360-degree Virtual Reality cameras mean you will be able to capture and save your memories- as close to reality as possible.

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Even though we will take care of all your needs (well, almost all), it’s always good to be prepared with a little more. Here is a list of things you might want to consider before you dive –

  • Water proof sun screen lotions
  • Sun in Goa gets really hot and a liberal dose of Sunscreen will help.
  • Waterproof Bags
  • Even though we have Dry bags in our boat and we’ll be happy to keep your stuff for the time you’re with us, it’s never a bad idea to get one of your own if you’re in Goa
  • Hats – Caps, Hats or anything that will help you keep out of the sun.
  • Sun-glasses – You know how cool you look in them. They will also make you more comfortable
  • Water or juices to keep you hydrated – We have plenty on the boat, but we would advice you to carry some too.
  • And most importantly, remember to have fun all along!!

Medical Form

Please download and go through the medical form carefully. If you have a 'yes' as an answer to any of these; we will need a physician approved certificate from you, without which, your dive can stand cancelled. Please understand that it's for your safety, and for us, it presides everything else...

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