Swimming Pool Diving + Snorkelling (8+ years)


If you do not want to venture into deep waters and yet want to experience the thrill of being underwater, then this course is for you. Start with a confined session with trainers in our indoor pool and once you are confident about it, pull on that snorkel, snap on those fins and dive into the sea!

Discover Scuba Dive (10+ years)


This is one of the most loved Scuba courses that we have! You begin by getting trained by our experts in pool and then take the training to deep sea- under the expert supervision and watchful eyes of our instructors. In this 40-minute dive, you will go 40 feet under water to witness magnificent marine life and underwater marvels. Dedicated 360-degree Virtual Reality cameras mean you will be able to capture and save your memories- as close to reality as possible.

Explore Scuba Dive (10+ years)


Explore Scuba Dive is the king of all entry level dives. 2 half hour dives among ship wreck and coral garden, 40 feet under water- Explore Scuba Dive defines the underwater sea adventure. Explore and witness exotic marine life with luxury and benefits thrown in. With dedicated cameras (including 360-degree virtual reality), your very own professionally edited Scuba Film, DSD certificate, buffet dinner at Hyatt and much more! Explore Scuba Dive will leave you spoilt and asking for more.

Open Water Dive (10+ years)


The Open Water Diving course is the most advocated scuba course. Up your diving skills by undergoing knowledge and skills training- a mix of classroom, pool and open water sessions. To undertake the course, however, you must be a swimmer in peak health. No prior experience in diving mandatory. Get enrolled and explore the gorgeous underbelly of the sea and the waves above.