Sorkeling at Grandé Island

Island Trip

To seek the fact behind the quote, one needs to definitely go ahead and enjoy nature only at the pearl of the orient-Goa. Before planning a trip to any place, you need to know about it. If you type Grande island Goa, you will get so much information about it but still, I have jotted some points which will definitely help in your Grande Island tour.

This is the best package happening in Goa. It’s the best because, in pocket-friendly price, you can enjoy the best place of Goa. The Grande island or monkey beach trip starts in the morning. It is a daylong package which is rejuvenating as well as exhilarating. The trip starts from the boat jetty near coco beach. You will be taken to the destination on a boat. The Cost of this boat tour starts from Rs. 1499.

It’s not only a trip to the destination, but it’s a trip where sightseeing from the water is included. You will see so many places which look absolutely different from land. You will see Aguada fort, merchant’s bungalow, central jail and a few beaches from the mid-sea. The monkey beach trip has all of it in it. You just have to book your trip and the fun follows.


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