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A little about Flying Fish

Ever since we saw Superman, we wanted to be him.

Crazy it may seem, but we gathered our grit and started the quest of exploration and discoveries.

It was in the depths of oceanic water, that we discovered that we could be one. That we could fly.

And that’s how we became us.

Ever since, we have made it a point to help fellow dreamers dive into the magical depths and fly with the magnificent marine creatures.

Our team of experienced and skilled Diving Instructors, Dive Masters has hand-picked some of the most breathtaking locations in the waters of Goa.

But, words won’t weave that magic, an actual dive will.

So, come, take that dive with us. And be a Superman!

Why Flying Fish

  • Scuba Diving with expert PADI instructors and dive masters
  • State of the art, constantly tested Scuba gear
  • Up to date safety equipment and protocols
  • Underwater photos and videos to capture those beautiful moments forever
  • To and fro transportation for the diving spot
  • Light meals and drinks included packages
  • A helpful and passionate crew, who is here to make your every dive, wonderful!

Being afraid is not a bad thing, not trying is

Remember, it’s okay to be afraid. We all were, when we tried it for the first time.

But when you dive with us, you are in safe hands, always. At Flying Fish, your safety and comfort precedes everythng else. You will be given state of the art, certified scuba gear. And the instructors you will dive with, have clocked more hours under water than what is already awesome!

So, don’t let the fear take away, what can be a changing point in your life. The water is waiting for you. Come, take a dive with us.

Diving in the Goan Waters: The Grandé Island

Beautiful and mysterious, the spectacular Arabian sea never fails to surprise. It’s in the heart of this great sea that you will undertake your diving expedition, at the magnificent Grande Island.

With an average temperature of 28 degrees and visibility of 2-10 metres, the water is warm and comfortable with plenty to discover!

Explore the intriguing shipwreck of SS Rita and a riveting marine life- from Dolphins, Moray Eels and Lion Fish to Copper Sweepers, Sweet Lips and vibrant corals.

Your diving expedition can only be spectacular here!

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